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Fairlea Tuff E’ Nuff *B    $400.00 sold pending pickup

Tuff is a beautiful 3 year old buck who has consistently produced beautiful, conformationally correct, and very nice mammary improvements here at my farm. I’ve retained 6 of his doe kids, and two of his bucklings. Due to having so many of his retained kids, it is time for him to find another herd to help improve. Tuff is one of the sweetest bucks I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, he’s very manageable and easy to work with, he’s very healthy and low maintenance. Tuff is UTD on Vaccinations, as been recently disease tested, and has his DNA on file with ADGA.
L6 Buckling/ Wether  $125.00/ 250.00 with papers
Dam: Fiddling Farm Star   Sire: Fairlea Tuff E’Nuff *B
This buckling is beautiful, he’s got his dams near perfect front leg set. Level across top line, and looks to have a nice rear leg angulation. This is a Sugar Moon Zuzanna great grandson. Lots of milk in those lines. dam will be on milktest as well as granddam this year.
L7 buckling 300.00 with papers. *B. (Polled)
Dam: Birchridge Farm CD Dezirae 1*M Sire: Fairlea Tuff E’Nuff *B.
This buckling is sure to be a nice addition to any herd. This guy has milk on both sides. Dam did amazing on milktest last year, she easily earned her AR star. This boy is nice in long and sure to fill out and be a solid bodied buck. 
Sold L11 Doeling $325.00
Dam Feather n scale BE Blue Diamond 2*M sire: Fairlea Tuff E’Nuff *B
This gorgeous Swiss marked girl is up for sale. Unfortunately we can’t keep them all. Her dam earned her milk star as a FF last year, milking for over 300 days. I’m sure this little one will follow in her footsteps.
SOLD    L8 Buckling 300.00 with papers

Dam Feather n scale BE Blue Diamond 2*M sire: Fairlea Tuff E’Nuff *B
This boy is a very unique coloring, Swiss x Chamoise. He’s seems to be taking after sire, with his level top line, nice rumpangle, and legset. 
L9 Buckling (Blue eyes) 300.00 with papers
Dam Feather n scale BE Blue Diamond 2*M. Sire: Fairlea Tuff E’Nuff *B
This is another pretty boy, who again resembles his sire. Level top line, nice rump, and legset. This boy has his dams blue eyes.
SOLD L10  Wether 125.00 
Dam: BusyB Goat Farm TE Sweety Pie Sire: Sugar Moon E Dark Knight *B
This sweet boy is up for grabs, he’s very social. He’s going to make an excellent pet.

BusyB Goat Farm TT Jasmin (polled & in milk) $350.00  DOB: 5/09/2016

Jasmin was one of the first does born on our farm. She is very sweet, friendly, and easy going. This is her second freshening, she is an excellent mother. This year she had quads and no trouble keeping all their belly’s full. She will be available once kids are weaned in May.

2018            KIDS

All Nigerian Dwarf kids are disbudded between 5 & 7 days of age, unless other arrangements are made.  Kids are sold at 8 weeks, wormed, and up to date with CD/T vaccination.   **We have no problem not dehorning if requested in advance with full payment 

If you are interested in buying a kid, a reservation deposit of $100 is required, $50 for a wether. The deposit is non-refundable unless we are unable to provide you with the specific kid you wanted.

Our prices vary based on each animal's pedigree, dairy quality, milk stars, and confirmation .  All breeding Nigerians are registered with AGS and/or ADGA. Prices quoted are for animals picked up here at the farm; additionl charges for health certificates are the responsibility of the buyer.  Any additional testing requested from buyer, such as for TB or Bruc., will be added to your bill.  All animals are guaranteed healthy with no visible faults when they leave our farm. We keep a healthy herd, and cannot guarantee care and health of the animal once it leaves. You may, at your expense, have a veterinarian come out to inspect a goat you intend to purchase.    If a doe is listed for sale as being "Exposed" to a buck we do not guarantee the animal is pregnant.  "Exposed"  means the doe has been  with a buck for a period of time and should/could be pregnant.  It does not guarantee pregnancy.
Thank you for considering purchasing a goat from BusyB Goat Farm.