Nigerian Dwarf Goats
​Welcome to Busy B Goat farm
​​Liza and Kevin Welch
White River Jct., VT
Nigerian Dwarf Goats
​Goat Milk Soap
  1. The Queen Che Sera sera
  2. The wether Bean, he loves kids
  3. Abby
  4. Cocoa and Bella the babies
  5. Title 5
  6. The kids daily goat walk
Welcome to Busy B Goat Farm​Registered with the American Goat Society and American Dairy Goat Association
BusyB Goat farm is a small family run farm in Vermont consisting of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, sheep, Honey Bees, and our Ameraucana and Rhode Island Red chickens. We currently sell Goat milk soap, honey, and eggs.  Our goats come from some wonderful herds and have some outstanding genetics. 
All of our Nigerian Dwarf Goats have been tested for CAE, CL, and Johne's Disease on 5/11/17.  We strive to raise Nigerians that are great milkers as well as  to sell happy, friendly, and healthy kids.  We are registered with AGS and ADGA. This year (2017) we are excited to be participating in Linear Appraisals.